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Drones for forest firefighting

The mission

Forest fires are natural disasters with devastating consequences for the environment and humans. The number of forest and vegetation fires has risen sharply worldwide in recent decades due to advancing climate change. This is one reason for us at NatureTec to work together with experts from the fire department, aerospace engineering and the HTW Berlin to develop extinguishing drones that will revolutionize firefighting and provide an efficient supplement to conventional extinguishing methods.

The solution

A swarm of drones flies from a mobile supply station to a fire site up to 10 kilometers away. The drones are controlled by satellite technology. The extinguishing agent can be dropped directly and thus precisely above the source of the fire. Battery replacement and refueling with extinguishing agent are fully automatic. Thanks to the seamless drone circuit, more than 280.000 liters per day can be transported to the scene of the fire. The drones are in non-stop operation 24 hours a day.


10 km

Operating range 

24 h

Non-stop in use

100 %

Electric driven

280.000 l

Extinguishing agent per day

The advantages

Firefighters are far less endangered than before. The drone swarm can operate at night and in poor visibility conditions such as smoke and haze. The low cost compared to firefighting helicopters and firefighting aircraft, round-the-clock operation and rapid retrieval enable flexible deployment, providing real support for firefighting forces. Firefighting drones are a safe, effective and cost-efficient means for forest and vegetation firefighting with low manpower requirements.


The partners

HTW Berlin
FW Ludwigsfelde
LSTE Brandenburg
WIR! project

You are interested in this project?

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